Our New Permissionless Landscape.


My pitch when entering the $WRITE race was "I'll get Mirror sued into dirt."

(I'm sure that tweet is still around here somewhere.)

But I'm not the libelous type.

So we'll try this instead: an experiment in breaking permissions. Again, not in the weird "Louis C.K." taboo way (because ew, no. Don't do that, folks!)... But something a bit more interesting.

The Experiment

What if I borrowed someone's NFT without their permission... and sold it?
Real jerk move, huh?
Sorry to Mike and Chuck for this - I'll pay y'all back!

This week in the Friends With Benefits Discord, we launched a custom deployment of the RATS (Rapid Art Token Swap) setup.

The tl;dr is that RATS works like a community art library: you can drop in an NFT in exchange for a RATS token. And you can exchange that RATS token for another NFT that's in the vault. In my case, I deposited send for mikey into the vault:

and in exchange, I pulled out Insufficient Funds: Cannot Save File:

And now for...

The Auction

I'm using Mirror's built-in NFT Auction functionality to auction off the piece. Ideally, if things go as planned, this auction won't work.

However, if it does work, and the piece sells... proceeds will go to an Indian COVID relief charity that I'll announce on Twitter. Cool?

Happy bidding.

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